01. overview

What is PCN?

Peepcoin (PCN) was announced in July 2016 and subsequently implemented in August 2016 as a free open source project forking off the Bitcoin codebase and utilizing the Libzerocoin extension.
Genesis block was created on 2016-08-21 with an initial pre-mine of 39,200,000,000.0 PCN. The blockchain operated in PoW mode until block 5000 after which it changed to PoS.

PeepCoin is a fully fledged payment processor, virtual currency and instant money transfer system, ZERO fees to send, receive and accept payments as a merchant!

02. Future

The Future of PCN

Due to the overwhelming support and requests from the community, PCN and its assets will be maintained, upgraded and supported under the PXN Foundation Governance.

The PXN Foundation are inspired to make sure the PCN codebase is safe, secure and reliable for all investors.

PCN is a valuable part of this community regardless as was demonstrated by the community once we released the initial proposal for the PXN Roadmap, swap, coin spec, and website.
PXN Foundation believes it is in the best interest of the community to increase our efforts towards the development of PCN by assigning more resources, which will give value back to PCN and to you, the investors.

03. Roadmap

PCN Revival Plan

PXN Foundation is proud to propose our PCN revival solution implemented in 2 phases with one focus: creating a solid infrastructure to start returning value to PCN holders in the shortest time possible.

Provide technical support and documentation to assist PCN community members.
July 2018
Implement Peepcoin dedicated informative web-page.
August 2018
Maintain and update PCN Wallet to version
August 2018
Updates to coin information service platforms (Coinmarketcap etc)
September 2018
Securing of the coin’s listing on various exchanges
September 2018
Research into extending features, mobile wallet and staking
October 2018
05. Specifications

Peepcoin Specifications

07. donate


The new Peepcoin development team is fully community-based, so all of its development is funded by kind people like you.

PKWXnQbmXQTVp17AnFdFygxYP83X1ju5TkPeepcoin Wallet Address
08. Social Media

Ready to Get Started?

Join us on your favorite social networks and be a part of a community of decentralization believers all working to help protect and improve the blockchain technology! From breaking news, tips on staking, masternode updates, and calls to action that make a real and lasting change in cryptocurrency development ecosystem. Peepcoin is a community-driven coin, and we take pride in being able to interact with our community via our Social Media presence.