01. overview

What is PXN?

PXN is the world's first inflation-based proof-of-stake coin which also features a unique value preservation mechanism via a private and decentralized blockchain with fully open source code that allows everyone to take part in the PXN network development.

Privacy and security come inherently. PXN is the clear choice for those who want to keep their financial confidentiality.Instant private transactions are provided globally by the PXN Network; they are totally untraceable; and additional fees are non-existent.

02. March 2021

Swap Details

  • Swap process starts at 1st March 2021 running for 30 days.
  • Minimum amount required to participate is 10 Million PCN.
  • Participants should send their PCN to the designated swap wallet and provide an Email address.
  • The system audits and calculates their equivalent PXN amount which at the end of swap process will be transferred to their then nominated PXN address if the swap is approved.
  • Rejected PCN amounts will be refunded back to the original sent address minus the transaction fee.
  • The fully transparent swap wallet would hold all PCN funds, to be burnt at the end of the swap process.
  • The amount an investor chooses to use for participating in the Swap is completely at their own discretion with no limits other than the minimum required being imposed by the PXN foundation. However, they must keep in mind that the incentive to put as much as possible into the Swap Wallet at early stages, would result with more PXN instantly, due to the depreciating time-scale system.
  • PXN will be listed on the same exchanges as Peepcoin plus at least two among (Crex24, LATOKEN, STEX & HitBTC)
  • The equivalent of total converted PXNs plus the same amount for PXN Foundation reserve will be minted on 5th April 2021.
  • PXN wallet will be released on 10th April 2021.
  • Participants will receive their PXN amounts to their nominated PXN addresses as of 15th April 2021 via instructions sent to their nominated Emails.
  • PXN Foundation will use the reserve for future developments, Exchange listings and liquidity purposes.
  • All swapped PCNs will be burnt forever on 20th April 2021. at the same day PXN pairs will be activated on nominated exchanges.
  • Both PXN and PCN will be maintained as usual by PXN Foundation after the swap.
Conversion rate

0.15% Base minus 0.0045% per Day

first day 1,000,000 PCN = 1500 PXN, Last day 1,000,000 PCN = 150 PXN
03. Specifications

PXN Coin Specifications

04. Social Media

Ready to Get Started?

Join us on your favorite social networks and be a part of a community of decentralization believers all working to help protect and improve the blockchain technology! From breaking news, tips on staking, masternode updates, and calls to action that make a real and lasting change in cryptocurrency development ecosystem. PXN is a community-driven coin, and we take pride in being able to interact with our community via our Social Media presence.